Ways to put your online presence to work for you

An online presence works for you long after business hours. It can
• Get the word out about your products and services
• Lead local customers to your door and let them know when you are open
• Draw clients from around the world
• Demonstrate or testify to your expertise
• Make it easy for prospects to find the answers they seek
• Facilitate making purchases

Choose the methods of online communication that appeal to your target market then put your online presence to work for you. Consider the following.

Articles allow you to share your expertise, answer concerns of your readers, and include keywords that will help search engines and those surfing the Internet to find you.

Audio clips, podcasts, and teleseminar recordings enable your audience to listen at their convenience and, quite possibly, while engaging in other activities like commuting or exercising.

Blog posts, e-zines, and social networking posts (or tweets) give your readers opportunities to know you, learn about new products and services, discover useful information, and find solutions. If you include contact information, they can also give feedback.

Informational products provide a taste of your expertise and your ability to meet the needs of your market. These online products include, but are not limited to, checklists, how-to guides, self-assessments, step-by-step instructions, and motivational materials.

Press releases announce your involvement in charity events, speaker forums, symposiums, teleseminars, trade shows, and workshops. They can also provide updates on new products and services and enhancements to customer service.

Social networking allows you to build relationships, share valuable information, and dialogue with people around the world. You can also use it to respond quickly to friends you have already made while networking locally or online.

Videos, like audios, provide useful information in a format that viewers enjoy at their leisure.

Web pages not only include contact information, purchasing instructions, and a call to action, they can also provide answers your target market is seeking.

Choose one or more of these building blocks of an online presence. Create valuable content and become more visible to the millions of Internet users worldwide.


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