Do you need more than a Web site?

You may benefit from having more of an online presence than just a Web site. Do you want to

• Make it easy for prospective customers to find you
Create a variety of keyword-rich content that corresponds to searches conducted by your ideal clients.

• Set yourself apart from the competition
Keep adding fresh content to your online presence.

• Provide valuable information
Publish articles, blog posts, an e-zine, informational products, and audio or video clips. Respond to the needs and desires of your target market.

• Be viewed as an expert
Answer questions and offer solutions, guidelines, instructions, and valuable problem-solving information in your online content.

• Build relationships with current and future customers
Interact with others online by asking for input or feedback. Respond to blog comments. Share interesting resources.

• Respond quickly to problems and misperceptions in your industry
Blogs and social networking sites help you get the word out fast.

• Improve customer service
Track and respond to online feedback about your company.

• Encourage people to take action
Use each avenue of your online presence to call people to action. Be specific about what you want them to do: complete a survey, pick up the phone and call, give you an e-mail address in exchange for an opt-in giveaway, or make a purchase.

• Create credibility
Each piece of content you publish adds to your company persona.

• Build trust by letting people get to know you
Your online presence reflects your values, personality, and character qualities.

If you answered “yes” to any of these, you can benefit from creating more of an online presence than just having a Web site. Consider articles, blog posts, archived e-zines, informational products, and audio or video clips in addition to Web page content.


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