Top 10 reasons for building an online presence for your business

Are you undecided about creating a Web site or a blog for your business? Have you heard article writing is the way to get more customers but you don’t feel inspired to write?

You need to build an online presence for your business only if you want to
• Introduce more prospective customers to your product or service
• Reach a global marketplace and the 1.7 billion (and growing) Internet users worldwide
• Lead locals to your door
• Save time by providing answers to frequently asked questions instead of fielding numerous phone calls and e-mails
• Establish your expertise as a problem-solver and solution provider
• Extend your business hours without increasing employee hours
• Provide up-to-date product information without the cost of reprinting a catalog
• Offer the convenience of purchasing online
• Build relationships with people who need your products or services
• Call customers to action no matter what hour of the day or night it is when they shop and regardless of weekend, holiday, and employee vacation schedules

You don’t need an elaborate Web site. You don’t need dozens of published articles or blog posts to start. You do need an online presence for your business unless, of course, you already have too many satisfied customers to keep up with demand.


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