5 myths about do it yourself marketing

If you believe these myths about DIY marketing, you may be missing out on some great opportunities to promote your business.

Do It Yourself marketing doesn’t work.
The best DIY marketing comes from offering such exceptional services, products, and customer care that clients refer you to their friends, neighbors, family, associates, and network acquaintances. If you are not seeing results, take a second look at your customer service.

DIY marketing looks unprofessional.
Doing it yourself does not mean shoddy workmanship or cheap materials. If you have the skills, tools, and materials you need to do quality work, use them to your advantage.

I can’t do my own marketing because I don’t have any marketing expertise.
Marketing professionals may have a degree that you don’t possess, but you have the passion and vision for your business that they lack. Share your story. Don’t be shy about telling others why you do what you do. Make sure clients and prospects know you love your work and are excited about the products you offer.

It costs too much.
DIY marketing is not synonymous with free advertising. Just as the majority of do-it-yourself projects cost you time, materials, or both, so it is with marketing. Although there are cost-saving ways to promote your business, you still need to factor in the cost of attending networking events, maintaining an online presence, and keeping in touch with prospects and clients. Time is money and only you can determine that rate for your business.

This is a great idea because I don’t need a plan or a budget like I would for a professional marketing campaign.
Without even a simple written plan and a small marketing budget, you are setting yourself up for failure. You may fall victim to the following pitfalls: the tyranny of the urgent, too many great ideas and not enough time or money for implementation, or having no way to measure your success because you can’t remember what you set out to accomplish. Be clear about the people you want to reach and then add details about when and how you will do this.

Launch your own do-it-yourself marketing campaign. Create a plan and a budget. Share your passion. Focus on building great relationships with clients and others. Do what you are comfortable and confident doing. Have fun being a myth-buster.


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