5 habits of the successful DIY marketer

Some business owners are born sales people. Others have an abundance of entrepreneurial spirit but little selling savvy. Both can benefit from developing these do-it-yourself marketing habits.

1. Be your brand.
Present a consistent business persona in person, online, over the phone, and in all correspondence. Add your logo, contact information, special offers, and ways to connect to your e-mail signature block, faxes, invoices, blogs, Web pages, social networking sites, and, in part, in your voice mail message.

2. Build relationships.
Get to know prospects, clients, vendors, Chamber of Commerce members, professionals in complementary industries, other volunteers with your favorite charity, and service people you encounter in day-to-day life. Offer information, make referrals, lend a hand, and be involved in your community. People will think of you when they experience a problem that you and your business can solve.

3. Develop and carry through with a plan.
DIYers need a marketing plan just as much as the marketing firms who develop huge campaigns for their clients. Know the individuals you want to receive your message. Determine how you will communicate. Decide when and how often you want to be in touch. Write out the action steps you will take to accomplish this and then carry out your plan.

4. Share.
Be the person with great resources, interesting tips, valuable information, and a willingness to share. People who have had a taste of your expertise will remember you and will often want more of your products and services.

5. Think outside the box.
Be memorable in a good way. Do things differently, with creativity and flair. Unless you are a ghostwriter, stop handing out pens as your promotional item. Even if you are a florist or a confectioner, you can celebrate traditional holidays and still create unusual occasions to promote your business. Offer something fabulous 6 months after the craziness of Valentine’s Day, for instance. Whatever your business, choose something fun that will remind people of no one but you.

Be in the habit of being your brand, building relationships, carrying through with your marketing plan, sharing, and thinking outside the box. With these traits, your business will benefit no matter how, when, or where you do your marketing.


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