Copywriting: 7 best practices you can start using today

• Use an easy-to-read font in a dark color on a light background. You don’t want your reader to click away from your site because of eyestrain.

• Limit the use of highlighting, bold, italics, underlining, emoticons, and excess punctuation. You don’t want to shout your readers into submission. You want to guide them to take action.

• Be clear and consistent. You don’t want to confuse prospects with multiple prices, dates, or times. If you have variances, give good reasons like “This introductory price of $97 will be in effect until 10 a.m. Eastern Standard Time on October 10, 2010. At that time, this series will launch at the normal price of $297.”

• Make it easy to navigate. You don’t want someone going back to check the time, date, price, or product specifications and accidentally exit from your site.

• Offer more value. Include installation instructions or “10 clever uses for this amazing product.” You don’t want browsers to click away from your Web site or affiliate landing page because they see only what benefits you, not them.

• Remember that everyone’s time is valuable. You don’t want to lose prospects because your copy is too long, boring, confusing, or all about you. Use bullet points, short testimonials, pictures worth a thousand words, and judicious use of links to additional information.

• Include a call to action like “Find out more” or “Buy now.” Make the process easy on the user.

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