Copy that sells: 5 common mistakes and how to avoid them

You want your copy to sell your product or service. Here are five common copywriting mistakes and how to avoid them so you can satisfy prospective customers and sell more.

1. Your copy looks like everyone else’s.
It’s easy to copy and paste from a template or even a previous sales page you created for another product or service. Share your passion for this offering. Use stories and pictures that are uniquely yours to relate to me—the reader—and speak to my desires and needs.

2. You give your audience no reason to trust you.
Include testimonials. Be very specific about what I will receive instead of offering nebulous phrases like “You’ll be happier” or “You’ll increase sales.” Tell me why I will be happier or by what percentage my sales will increase according to satisfied customers who have used this system. Offer me a guarantee or a trial period.

3. You require the reader to keep clicking to find important details like price and product specifications.
I shouldn’t have to read pages of copy to find the information I need before I decide to buy. In fact, the deeper I have to dig, the more convinced I become that something is not right and I would do better looking elsewhere. Be up front with the price and product information.

4. Your limited time offer includes no date.
This is especially unprofessional of you and frustrating for me when your offering is a live event instead of an informational product. Prominently display dates and times of events and spell out deadlines.

5. You offer little of value or you’ve inflated the price.
Thanks to the Internet, it becomes obvious that your $49.95 e-book is simply a collection of old blog posts or that you are selling the product for half the price elsewhere. Give me something valuable at a fair price.

Avoid these common mistakes in your copywriting and watch your sales improve.


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