Copywriting with purpose

Do you know your life’s purpose? Is there a greater good that inspires you? Are you passionate about a specific topic or cause?

Let your copywriting reflect your purpose. Anyone can fill in the blanks of a sales letter or squeeze page template. Only you can say what motivates you to do what you do (or to sell what you sell). 

Do you have a burning desire to encourage others to be purposeful? Do you manufacture and sell shoes so you can provide footwear to children who have always gone barefoot? Do you raise funds to maintain a wildlife sanctuary created in memory of a love one? Do you love what you do so much that you willingly donate your services to a special cause?

I began my current career as a virtual volunteer. Long before I owned my own business, I was using my organizational skills to aid Good Works, a non-profit organization making homes in Chester County, Pennsylvania warmer, safer, and drier. I use the same skills to enable authors, coaches, and entrepreneurs to shine online.

Share your inspirational story in your copy instead of writing another sales pitch. People who believe in your cause will support you and your business, knowing they are making a significant contribution in the process.


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