What will a ghostwriter do for me?

I frequently hear the question “What will a ghostwriter do for me?” Simply put, a ghostwriter will save you time and effort by writing for you. Ghostwriters may also do research, prepare manuscripts, draft speeches, and create a variety of written materials.

In my line of work—helping business people create and maintain an online presence—ghostwriting may include
• writing articles
• blogging
• responding to comments left on a blog
• drafting the text for e-zines and newsletters
• answering questions and responding to posts on forums
• preparing promotional material
• engaging in social networking with Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook updates
• providing copy for sales pages
• creating content for Web pages

My clients provide initial input and review each completed piece. This collaborative process allows them to own the work that bears their name. For ethical reasons, I do not pretend to be the person I am writing for, and I refuse to write term papers or anything else that determines another person’s grade.

What do you need a ghostwriter to do for you?


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