10 sources of fresh content for your online presence

Do you need content for your blog, e-zine, or Web pages? Here are ten sources to supplement your expertise.

Answer their questions.

Request their input and then share it with their permission and the appropriate credit.

Get them to explain what they do for customers. Let them teach, give how-tos, and problem-solve.

News media
Tie the latest headlines to your product or service in a clever or meaningful way.

Create a list of great resources.

Friends and family
Respond to their “why don’t you?” and “if only” suggestions.

Ask your favorite blogger if you can share something you especially liked with your audience (giving full credit, of course). Encourage guest writing with a postscript about how you two inspire each other, offer complementary services, or have orchestrated changes in your industry.

Networking acquaintances
Report on new technology or cool tools they use.

Complete strangers
Be inspired by those overheard, off-hand, out-of-the-blue remarks. Get your readers thinking. Share your thought process or why you were inspired and you share a bit of yourself.

A ghostwriter or copywriter
Talk with a ghostwriter or copywriter about those great ideas in your head.  Once you share your thoughts, delegate the actual content creation or writing to a professional.


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