What do people search for online?

People search online for
* Help, information, entertainment, or diversion.
* Answers to the problems that plague them.
* Specific instructions on how to accomplish their goals in the least amount of time.
* Easy solutions.
* Expert advice and the credentials to back it up.
* Easily accessible, valuable information at a moment’s notice.
* Someone who can serve their needs no matter where they are located.
* A business that is open when they are ready to browse or buy.
* New products or services that address their immediate needs.

Give them what they want.
* Offer valuable information on your Web site.
* Answer questions in blog and forum posts.
* Publish how-to articles.
* Host solution-packed teleseminars.
* Share your expertise in a variety of easily accessible online formats like audio, video, or pdf file.
* Make it smart and fun to shop online.

Let them search and find you.


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