What is the purpose of your Web site?

Does your Web site have a purpose? Have you determined what you want it to accomplish?
The purpose of your Web site is as unique as you and your business. You may want to
* Answer frequently asked questions to save time and repetition
* Provide specifications concerning your process to make consultations more productive
* Share your expertise and credentials to create credibility
* Build a library of valuable information pertaining to your field to make access easier for others
* Enter the global marketplace to go beyond your physical location
* Be open for business after normal business hours, while on vacation, or when focusing on other endeavors or concerns
* Display new products or services
* Consolidate your online presence

The purpose of your Web site is also universal. You want to
* Attract customers and interested individuals
* Sell or, in some cases, share what you have to offer

When you determine the purpose of your Web site, you also establish what it is you want to measure to evaluate its success. If your Web site’s purpose is to answer questions, you should notice a decrease in common inquiries. If it provides specifications, prospects should be more prepared for consultations. If a global presence is desired, you should see visitors from around the world in your statistics. If not, you can add new content and test its success.

If you are just starting out, pick a purpose. Create content and build your Web site to accomplish your purpose. If you already have a Web site, you can use analytics and statistics to measure what you are accomplishing right now. If your Web site visitors are not taking the desired action, you can adjust your content and keep testing until your Web site fulfills its intended purpose.


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