How can I create content quickly?

If you want to create content quickly, start with a list of great topics. Get your inspiration from
• Frequently asked questions in your inbox
• Conversations you have online or while networking
• Knowing the problems or desires of your ideal clients
• Asking your audience what they think or want to know

Set a timer and write for 15 minutes on your area of expertise. Share
• Your passion
• Niche-related tips
• Hot trends
• The benefits of your most popular products or services
• Advice on how to solve a particular problem in your industry
• Surprising uses for your product
• Your opinion about new technology
• Short stories or testimonials

Don’t limit yourself to writing. Record a short audio or video.
• Teach a lesson
• Interview a person you admire
• Call others to action with a speech
• Have a conversation with a real or imagined friend
• Show/tell how to do something

Even quicker
• Ask a question and let your audience’s responses be part of your content
• Share an inspirational thought or a humorous quote just to get people thinking

If this still isn’t quick enough for you, hire a ghostwriter or a virtual assistant who is excels in content creation.


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