Simplify content creation with this checklist

Are you too busy to
● Add fresh content to your Web site
● Draft your next e-zine or newsletter
● Update your blog
● Share your expertise in an article
● Participate on social media sites
● Write a sales page?

We know how it is. You go in to business with this dream, this great idea, and then you get caught up in the day-to-day details of running the company. You need to focus on income-producing activities but can’t neglect business operations either. As if that weren’t enough, you now need an online presence to be visible to Internet users worldwide. What’s a hard-working entrepreneur to do?

Simplify your content creation process. Use my Content Creation Checklist (a gift to each new client) and focus on four basics—your expertise, what your ideal clients want to know, how you can solve their problems, and what your prospects will consider valuable when they search online for information and answers—and you will be able to write quickly and easily. Let your copy work for you instead of you working so hard for your copy. If you’re still too busy, you can always hire a ghostwriter.

I want you to be able to do what you love best. Visit my Web site at to find out more about making content creation easy.


2 Responses to Simplify content creation with this checklist

  1. rogerromon says:

    Hi, another way to do this is by hiring a VA to take care of your content creation. When I first read the “The World is Flat”, I did not believe that I would ever use someone at the other end of the world and I did not expect them to be even brainy. But i thought; let me give it a try. The first 2 guys didn’t work, but another VA worked well for me. I now not only give lot of my pre-marketing tasks to them, but also have got them to find a good content writer for me. They do the first draft and this content writer modifies and makes the final draft. This way, i managed to get best of both worlds at a lower price.

    • I strongly encourage coaches and entrepreneurs to hire a ghostwriter or virtual assistant skilled in creating content. This checklist is a guide for doing it yourself AND for communicating what content you want created by your VA.

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