Do you know how to create an online presence?

Are you unsure about the benefits of articles, autoresponders, blogs, e-zines and social media? Do you want to know how to create an online presence? Here are short answers to frequently asked questions about building an online presence.

How can articles help me?
Articles show your expertise and allow prospects to get to know you. When your articles contain keywords that people are actually searching for, they lead customers to you and your Web site. Articles lend weight to your online presence by including back links to you (your Web site, blog, or landing page). They also show up in search results for you, your company, and your products or services, which can make you stand out from your competition.
Do I need autoresponders?
When you ask people to sign up for your newsletter or make a purchase, it is extremely helpful to have an automated message thanking them for signing up or for making a purchase. This lets your recipient know the registration or purchase process is complete.
Why do I need a blog? Is social media important?
Both blogs and social networking allow you to build relationships with prospects and clients. Despite the prevalence of spam online, blogs and social media sites provide crucial customer feedback to you and valuable information for your market.
How often should I publish a newsletter?
You want to stay in touch with the individuals on your list often enough to be on their minds when they need your product or service but not so often they think you are a pest. Consistency is key, demonstrating your ability to stick with something as important as providing valuable information and not leaving them wondering why they ever signed up for your list.
How do I get content?
There are a variety of ways to create content for articles, blogs, newsletters, social networking, and your Web site.
• write what you know
• share something that captured your interest (see tips below)
• jot down your response to what other people are saying
• answer questions
• offer valuable information
• start with a quote and write more on your chosen topic
• ask friends or associates to guest write for you
• hire a ghostwriter
• purchase content but be aware that this content will appear on other sites, possibly making you appear less of an expert
• conduct a survey and respond to comments and questions
Is there an easy way to create an online presence?
Start with a Web site or a blog. Consistently add fresh content. Add other layers to your online presence with article and newsletter publication. This takes planning and work, but the payoff is huge. The search engines will start looking for your updates. How’s that for online presence?


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