Systems to simplify your life

What systems simplify your life? You can probably list a half dozen inventions or technologies you would rather not live without. We take electricity, water purification, and indoor plumbing for granted, and I’ve heard people say they would die without their mobile phones (texting while driving or not—but I digress).

Systems also make life better. The best ones may never be used. They are simply created and maintained to make life easier in an emergency. My favorite I-hope-you-never-need-these systems include

● An accounting and filing system that makes tax season or an audit a little less of a nightmare because you have prepared for the moment throughout the year.
● A computer backup system. A computer (unlike an anti-virus program I know) doesn’t come with a pop up screen that says “Your computer will expire (from a virus or hard drive failure) in 13 days. Renew now.” Better to save data regularly and not need it.
● An evacuation plan so family members know where to meet if there is a bomb threat, fire, or other scary situation. In these instances, it’s also good to teach your child to call you by name. There may be too many people calling “Mom” or “Dad.”
● A medications tracker. If the family has shared germs and you’re going to be up all night, you’ll appreciate having a checklist or chart helping you remember medication names, amounts, and the dosing schedule. You also need to track medications and their side effects to prevent repeat problems or potentially dangerous drug interactions before you end up in the doctor’s office or the emergency room.
● A car maintenance schedule. When you set off on vacation, you want to be sitting on the beach not on the side of the road.
● A body maintenance plan for you, too.

Save time and money by being proactive now instead of having to fix things in an emergency. It will simplify your life.


2 Responses to Systems to simplify your life

  1. Great list Debbie! We moved here in 2006 and honestly dont have an evacutation plan or one spot where I can quickly grab importanty papers. I’m on it!

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