Follow up

Do you follow up with people you meet? Do your methods of follow up help or hurt your credibility?

Very few people who show up at networking events, exhibit at trade shows, or attend conferences follow up with those they meet. Even fewer do so in a positive, meaningful way. Sure, some individuals take your business card and call at their convenience with their sales pitch. Others add you to their calling or mailing list without your permission. Still others schedule appointments “to find out more about you and your business” and then use the time to talk exclusively about themselves. Don’t damage your credibility by following their examples.

Instead, start by being interested in others. Listen. Ask them questions that will give you insight into their desires and challenges, their passions and favorite pursuits. This makes it easy to follow up in a meaningful way.

  • Call with information they request.
  • Mail an article about an area of interest.
  • E-mail a link to a Web site that addresses a need.
  • Make recommendations and referrals.
  • Send a note saying you were thinking of them.
  • Express thanks for their contributions in your life and business.
  • Remember and remark upon their special occasions like business anniversaries or promotions.
  • Do whatever you have promised in person.

Increase your credibility by being the one person in a hundred who follows up in a meaningful, memorable way. What will you do?


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