Demonstrate your credibility from the very start of your business

Many new business owners find themselves in a seemingly impossible situation. They have no recommendations from satisfied customers to build credibility with prospects, and they have no clients to give them testimonials and the credibility that comes with word-of-mouth marketing. How can you demonstrate your credibility from the beginning? Here are three great ways:

  • Be active in your community. Volunteer. Mentor. Coach. Serve. The people you work with and those you help may not be your target audience, but they can attest to your character.
  • Continue your education. Not only will you be adding value for potential clients, you will also have professors who can vouch for you and your degree of competence.
  • Establish an online presence that proclaims your professionalism and expertise without being all about you. Create content that addresses the needs of your ideal client. Offer solutions. Solve problems. Be positive, especially when talking or writing about others.

Let YOUR words and actions speak for you now and when you have loyal customers.


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