Ask the right question to add value

Ask the right question to add value for your client or employer. Instead of asking “What do you need me to do?” ask “What do you think of this concept for boosting business?” and then present ideas you can implement that will save time or money, grow their business, or streamline production.

This is an especially important difference if you are a freelancer, a part-time employee in a company facing cut-backs, or a virtual assistant. By offering solutions to problems, you are adding value for the company while creating work for yourself. You are demonstrating your ability to be a partner instead of a drone and an asset instead of a drain on the budget.

By asking the right question, you are also more likely to get a satisfying answer. The answer to “What do you need me to do?” could be “I don’t know.” or “Nothing.” or “Get out of my space.” When you present ideas that free people to do what they love best, you are more likely to get a positive response. You end up being in a position to grow their business and secure your place in that process. Even if your client or employer needs to think about your ideas before taking action, you have demonstrated your value as a forward-thinking, proactive, solution-provider.

Are you asking the right question?


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