What does your audience want from you?

When you send out your e-zine or publish your blog, you are competing for your reader’s time and attention. Do you know what your target audience wants from you? Have you asked? Listened closely? Taken a survey? Read your e-mail? Have you taken a look at Google Hot Trends or Twitter’s Trending Topics to get a clue about what matters to the average Internet user?

Never assume they are looking for your product or service (or ads about what you sell). They are online looking for solutions to their problems, quick fixes, inexpensive (and sometimes costly) remedies for what ails them. They want answers to life’s troubling questions. They want things to make sense.

They have access to a trillion Web pages. A few mouse clicks and countless freebies, bargains, and special offers as well as information and misinformation pop up for their perusal. How do they decide what and whom to trust? Make it easy for them. Demonstrate through your consistent quality posts that you are a reliable, trustworthy expert on topics that concern them most. Provide value. Share. Be the answer to questions they have not yet thought to ask. Let them know you understand and you care.


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