Is your writing action packed, descriptive and clear?

As a proofreader, I see a variety of writing styles: biographical, conversational, gimmicky, humorous, informational, scholarly, technical, and more. Exceptional authors draw their audiences in with liberal use of action verbs and attention to details. Outstanding technical writers satisfy readers with accuracy, well-placed prepositions, and a firm grasp of the end user’s primary language. Both make it easy for others to follow along.

Anyone can write “Some assembly required.” Spice it up with action verbs and make it more accurate by saying, “If you don’t have all weekend to devote to assembly, hire an expert to assemble this for you. Otherwise, grab your receipt, jump in your car, and exchange this product at the point of sale for something fully assembled.” You can have even more fun with this if your target market is technically inclined or thrives on a challenge. Leave the assembly directions out of the box or forget to mention “Hammer B into the narrow slot on C BEFORE nailing A and B together at point D.” They will provide their own colorful language, saving you time and effort.

If you are stuck using passive verbs and non-descript language, do a search online for “action verbs list” or “descriptive words list.” Use these tools to put some pizzazz in your prose.


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