Get clients with great word-of-mouth marketing

The most frequently asked question among business owners might be “How can I get more clients?” Variations on this include “How can I make more money?” and “How can I increase sales?” The answer is the same for all three questions: don’t ignore the impact of word-of-mouth marketing.

Word-of-mouth marketing takes many forms and can be accomplished in multiple ways. Seek testimonials from satisfied customers. Get referrals from networking friends. Ask your LinkedIn connections for recommendations. Pursue excellence and win awards in your industry. Volunteer your services and share your expertise to contribute to your community while widening your circle of acquaintances. Keep your promises and over-deliver to ensure glowing feedback.

Referrals from satisfied customers are a huge asset. Improve your word-of-mouth marketing by asking yourself these questions and then taking action:
● Do I ask for testimonials and permission to use them in my marketing (on my Web site, in printed material, on a sales page)?
● Do I ask my networking friends what kind of person their ideal client is so I can refer them AND ask them to refer me to my ideal client?
● Have I set up a LinkedIn account, created a profile, and sought recommendations to add to my profile?
● Am I actively upholding the standards of excellence established for my industry?
● Have I done any virtual volunteer work that demonstrates my expertise?
● Do I give back to my community or am I perceived as always seeking my own gain?
● Do I keep my promises?
● Do I go beyond what is required?
● Do I communicate regularly with clients so I can be proactive in helping them succeed (which will help me succeed too)?
● Do I resolve customer service issues before they become huge problems?
● Do I stay in touch with prospects and former clients so they think of me when they have a need?

Let other people’s praise speak for you and your business.


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