Third Quarter Results Challenge for Entrepreneurs

Are you excited about your third quarter results?  If so, congratulations and best wishes for an even more spectacular fourth quarter. If not, challenge yourself to take immediate action for the final quarter of 2009.

Your action plan should include the following:
● The big picture of where you are and where you want to go
● Knowledge of what is working for you and what isn’t (and the courage to get rid of what doesn’t work)
● A clear list of business-building priorities
● Year-end goals and goals for each priority in the year 2010
● Step by step plans and/or firm deadlines for achieving your goals
● A support team (colleagues, mentors, educators, anyone who can help you achieve your goals)
● Up-to-date financials that include money to invest in tools, technology, and staff to achieve your priorities
● A commitment to not be distracted by good things when you are intent on pursuing what is best.

May you look back three months from now and be thrilled with your end-of-year results.


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