Achieve Work-Family Life Balance in National Work and Family Month

Do you know how to create balance between your work and family life? National Work and Family Month begins October 1, 2009. Now is the perfect time to take your work-family life balance inventory. Discover where correction is needed and begin to make the necessary adjustments. Employers, promote new initiatives. Employees, ask for programs that would make your company a great place to work. Entrepreneurs, choose what works best for you.

If you are an employer, check out the self-audit available from the Alliance for Work-Life Progress at

If you are an employee or an entrepreneur, which of these options have you explored to achieve your perfect work-family balance?Conducting business virtually on a full-time basis
Creating the necessary recurring income through Internet sales
Flexible hours
Job sharing
Longer workdays in a shorter week (3-12 hour days, 4-10 hour days)
Telecommuting part-time
Working around a family member’s schedule (while a child is in school or during a spouse’s busy season but not when you are both free)

Although I have not experienced this work arrangement myself, I admire businesses and their employees who participate in programs where vacation days are donated to a fellow employee who is suddenly facing catastrophic illness in the family. This eases the burden of having to be there at the hospital for your loved one and knowing you should be at work to keep your job and cover the costs of prolonged medical care.


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