Copywriting: how do I write a sales page when I don’t have time to write copy?

As entrepreneurs, our days are often packed with good and necessary activities. Copywriting, though necessary, seems so time-consuming, and we often let it slip down the to-do list where it gets forgotten.

Here are some ways to work copywriting into your business plans:

● Record your ideas when they occur to you using either a notebook or a voice recorder and then schedule time to organize your ideas into a sales page, a squeeze page, or Web site content.

● Look at other people’s copywriting. Decide what you like and dislike about their style and form. If possible, find out what your ideal clients like before you start your own copywriting. Factors to consider include length, use of color, guarantees, scare tactics (“only available until midnight….”), and your story. I have my own personal preferences, and sales page gurus each have a style of their own. You need to decide what appeals to you and your intended audience in order to write copy more quickly.

● Start with a list of the benefits of what you are selling. Your audience wants to know “What’s in it for me?” more than they immediately care about special features and you. This will make your writing easier and more compelling.

● Create copy that is evergreen. Make it specific enough to attract your ideal customers but generic enough that you won’t have to rewrite your copy on a frequent basis. You want your copy to be as good now as it will be 5 years from now. (You do want to be selling your exceptional product for years, don’t you?)

● Hire a copywriter or a virtual assistant who specializes in copywriting and editing to write your copy for you.

Copywriting doesn’t have to require hours of your time and attention once you get started. What will you do first?


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  1. weshyland says:

    Great post. Keep up the good work. As far as a solid landing page it has to be seo good and a good one will need to convert at 15% min or I would change it.

    Again nice post!

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