Do you hate to write? Use the 5 Ws for easy writing

It’s easy to make excuses for not writing. Feeling time pressured and some variation of being out of ideas, having nothing new to say, and having writer’s block top the list. Here are some ways to get beyond the reasons not to write so you have compelling content for your articles, blog posts, e-zines, press releases, and Web pages. English teachers and reporters have long used the 5W method for writing. Try them with a new twist.

Who…can create content for you?
Ask a virtual assistant, ghostwriter, or guest blogger to write for you. Use the ideas that friends and family, colleagues, networking acquaintances, teachers or mentors, clients, and complete strangers may intentionally or inadvertently give you.

What…makes good content?
Appeal to people’s needs, wants, and emotions. Remember that it’s basic human nature to be self-centered so a little bit about YOU goes a long way when your readers really want to know what is in it for them.

When…is the best time to write?
Capture ideas with pen and paper or a recording device the minute they occur to you. Develop the ideas you have captured at the time of day when you are most creative. Create only a paragraph at a time if this makes writing less of a chore for you. Write before the absolute deadline.

Where…should you write?
Make the choice that is best for you. I enjoy sitting outside in lovely, quiet surroundings. You may do best at your desk or your computer. You might even consider your car as a writing spot, speaking into a recorder and then transcribing your words later. No matter how outstanding your thoughts, please do not text message as you drive.

Why…should you write?
Create fresh content to give prospective customers and search engines more opportunities to find you and your business. Use your words to position yourself as an expert. Write to stay in the minds of those on your prospect and client list.

How can you use the 5 Ws to inspire your writing?


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