Update Your Resume Month-September 2009

September is Update Your Resume Month according to Chase’s Calendar of Events 2009. How does this affect you and your business?

If you are an author, you can write about what makes a good resume and what is better left to fiction writers.
If you are a coach,  you can mentor those who want to build on strengths and eliminate weaknesses.
If you are an educator, you can train others in the mechanics of writing an attention-getting resume.
If you are a networker, you can host a resume writing or updating party to add a little fun to a tedious task.
If you are a stationer, you can stock and sell quality papers and envelopes for those who will not be submitting their resumes online.
If you are a virtual assistant, you can offer a special resume creation package or a resume updating session. Provide writing and editing. You can also help create materials that will help the job candidate stand out from the pack.

If you have no need for an updated resume because your job is secure or you own your own business, make a commitment to update your LinkedIn profile this month. Add connections. Make recommendations. Answer questions and participate in discussions. If you can, provide introductions for those who are job hunting or search for a new hire for your business.

What will you do for Update Your Resume Month?


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