Online presence management

You have created an online presence but maintaining it seems to take a tremendous amount of time. Here are some resources to help you out:

Friends and family, clients and customers
All of these people are capable of providing content: humor, tales with a moral, testimonials, technology tips (technology that works wonderfully and technology glitches), success stories, and glimpses into your personality and character qualities. They are also excellent sources of feedback about what is working and what is not working so well in our world, in your area, in their lives, and in your business.

The Internet
Don’t know what to write for your blog? Do an Internet search. If you are on Twitter, search for http:// to find links to great content. If you find something interesting or inspiring, point people to someone else’s work. Give credit where credit is due and don’t plagiarize. Speaking highly of someone else’s work may make you new friends in the process.

A virtual assistant
Do what you love best (which, I am guessing, is not online presence management if you have read this far) and let a virtual assistant manage your online presence. A VA can get your Web site, blog, profiles, and accounts on submission sites up and running. A VA can also do keyword research, develop ideas, write and update content, submit to online article and press release sites, and respond to online comments and questions about your business. Some VAs can also set up autoresponders, e-zines, merchant accounts, online shopping carts, podcasts, and Webinars, using the latest software and technology to enhance your online presence.

Specialized software
If you are just beginning a business and money is tight, it’s hard to justify hiring help. Try out some free programs like Weebly for Web sites and blogs, WordPress and Blogger for blogs, and the wide variety of tutorials and apps (applications) for social networking sites.


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