Create and promote your corporate identity

Creating and promoting your corporate identity is one of the most important things you can do whether you are a solopreneur or an international conglomerate. For the aspiring entrepreneur, include these marketing workhorses in your start-up plan:

A clear, consistent, concise statement of corporate identity
Everything you say, write, present visually, record, and publish should proclaim the same message about who you are and what you do. If you have company employees, they should all be spreading the same positive and precise company message. This is good reason to develop company templates for articles, e-mails, follow-up, invoices, marketing material, press releases, requests for proposals, social media profiles, and Web pages.

A business name that works for you
You want your business name to attract positive attention, tell about your business, and be memorable. Being easy to pronounce and spell is also a plus. For more ideas, see The Perfect Business Name – Keys To Finding A Business Name That Keeps Working For You

An attention-getting, this-is-the-solution-to-your-problem thirty-second elevator pitch
Keep this short and interesting to a prospect. Answer their most pressing question which is “What’s in it for me?” Many people are too busy talking about themselves or planning what they want to say next to pay attention for long.

Attractive and informative business cards with obvious contact information
Unless your name is extremely difficult to spell (which it won’t be if you pick the perfect business name), you don’t need a card with just your name on it. Be sure to include contact information and a little bit about what you can do for the recipient. Get these professionally printed on good quality card stock. Use color and graphics and the other ideas included in Business Cards To Make You Stand Out In A Crowd

An e-mail signature that works as hard as you do
Make sure your e-mail signature contains your logo or other recognizable branding like your tagline or your company colors. Include multiple ways to contact you. Some people prefer to call; others depend on e-mail; some Twitter, IM, Skype, or text message. This is also a good place to point people to your LinkedIn or other social media profiles and to special promotions you may be offering.

Live customer service
This and a toll-free number say customer satisfaction is important to your company. Make sure your live representative answers quickly without requiring the caller to repeatedly choose menu options. Equally important, your customer service representative should speak intelligently and understandably in the language used by the majority of your customers.

How will you build your company’s identity?


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