ABCs of word of mouth marketing

Word of mouth marketing efforts begin with the Golden Rule: treat others as you would like to be treated. Add to your credibility with these ABCs of word of mouth marketing:

Always tell the truth.
Be a giver instead of a salesperson when building online and face-to-face relationships.
Challenge yourself to ask “How can I help you?” instead of selling.
Discover what matters to prospects and customers and then make it your priority to offer solutions to their problems.
Encourage word-of-mouth publicity with affiliate or tell-a-friend programs, audios, CDs, classes or seminars, customer service stories, recommendations, referrals, social networking buttons on your Web site, testimonies, trade show comments, videos, volunteering for a cause, and workshops.
Find ways to be a contributor not an observer on blogs, community discussions, forums, and social networking sites like Twitter.
Guarantee that people feel great about working with you because they will remember that feeling long after your exact words and deeds fade from memory.
Have a plan for getting and acting on customer feedback.
Introduce people with needs to solution-providers you know at networking events, on Twitter, in forums, and at association meetings.
Just send your e-zines or e-mail blasts to those on your permission-based list so you don’t get the reputation of being a spammer.
Keep a list of people who will give you recommendations so you are prepared to share with prospects who ask for references.
Let others know how they can recommend or refer you.
Mention others, not just yourself and your business, when networking and become viewed as a valuable resource.
Never ignore a customer’s concerns.
Offer solutions to real problems and people will talk.
Pay attention to what clients are saying before you have a problem.
Quit while you are ahead. Some people will never give you a recommendation no matter how satisfactory your product or service.
Reach out to others and show you care by volunteering, calling, writing, or saying “I’m thinking of you.”
Speak kindly about others.
Take the initiative and go the extra mile to solve a problem, meet a deadline, or make a difference.
Understand because you listen more than you speak.
Veer away from gossip.
Watch how you express yourself in person, in print, and online. Be encouraging, positive, and helpful.
Xpress thanks to others yourself.
Yell in privacy not at customers.
Zealously guard your reputation so that you are remembered for your sterling character qualities.

What are your favorite word of mouth marketing techniques?


4 Responses to ABCs of word of mouth marketing

  1. That is a great article! Every virtual assistant should have a copy of this in their office! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks. I hope word of mouth marketing brings you wonderful clients.

  3. Your list is excellent and reminds us of both things to do and not to do. Right on the money, as are your helpful statements at Virtual Assistants should have a reading assignment with your blog!

  4. Thanks, JudyAnn. I’m sure you have some great word of mouth marketing ideas, too, from your experience with satisfied clients.

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