Make it easy

We live in a world where people want easy money, easy solutions, easy access, and easy lives. Your prospects and clients may be no different. Make it easy for them to

  • Reach you. Put contact information on your business card, on your Web site, in press releases, in your social media profiles, and in your article resource box.
  • Find the answers to their most pressing questions. Again, use your Web site, articles, press releases, and business card. Answer “What’s in it for me?”
  • Understand exactly how your product or service improves people’s lives. Be clear, concise, and honest.
  • Trust you. Be honest and do what you promise.
  • Transact business. Use software to enable electronic file transfers, remote computer access, and acceptance of credit cards.
  • Talk about your product or service. Offer free samples or a free trial period. Do a survey and publish the results in an article or press release. Use your blog and Twitter as well as customer referrals to spread the word. 

How do you make it easy for clients?


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