Celebrate National Ice Cream Day

Holidays like Valentine’s Day,  Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, and Christmas play prominent roles in advertising here in the United States. Unusual holidays and celebrations also create opportunities for promoting your business. Consider the possibilities for Sundae Sunday and National Ice Cream Day, the third Sunday in July according to Chase’s Calendar of Events 2009.

● Host a networking event. Serve ice cream.
● Write press releases before and after you hold a drawing for an ice cream gift certificate.
● Say thank you with gifts of ice cream sundae toppings or sundae dishes.
● Set up a joint venture with your local ice cream shop.
● Reward your employees with an ice cream break.
● Hold a contest where others compare your products or services to different flavors of ice cream. Publish the results. Declare a winner.

Don’t stop with National Ice Cream Day. Create your own fun days and unique celebrations.


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