Five simple strategies for a smooth move and more

Over the last several months, I have watched one of the smartest, most organized people I know navigate her way through the home-buying process. She is now a successful homeowner. Here are five simple strategies that can work in a variety of pressure situations including buying a house.

Get help.
Search online for information.
Ask people who have gone through a similar situation for their input.
Post your dilemma on a forum or answer board.
Hire a competent professional.
Enlist your network of friends and acquaintances to do what needs to be done.

Never assume.
Negotiate in good faith.
Ask questions, lots of questions, until you and others involved have a clear, identical understanding of a problem and its resolution.
Do your own inspection after another party assures you that everything is taken care of.

Don’t wait until the last minute.
Make and use a checklist so nothing gets forgotten as deadlines loom.
Create a timeline that includes both hard and soft milestones.
Expect the unexpected in the form of illness, miscommunication, last-minute changes, error, incompetence, sloth, and weather-related delays.

Use the best tools and people for the job.
Interview multiple candidates whether you are looking to complete a project team or select a realtor then, as the saying goes, pick the sharpest crayon in the crayon box.
Insist on great performance especially when you are paying for it.
Realize that in any given situation YOU may be the best person despite others’ credentials and act accordingly.

Know what really matters.
Set your priorities.
Identify what is truly important and what is of little consequence.
Learn and keep looking forward.

What is your favorite strategy for a smooth move?


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