Stop selling but continue marketing

Marketing means more than selling. It means interacting with prospects and customers in a way that provides them with value and solutions while promoting your brand, products, or services.

Use these DIY marketing ideas to engage people and encourage them to give you permission to contact them again.

Be generous.
● Share tips and tools.
● Offer useful information in exchange for an e-mail address or business card.

Use your words wisely.
● Let your headlines and content proclaim the benefits of your product or service.
● Speak to the needs and emotions of your target market.

Remember content is key.
● Make yours exceptional, informative, and interesting.
● Answer frequently asked questions.
● Give clear directions on how to accomplish a goal.
● Offer encouragement.
● Point out pitfalls that can be avoided.
● Provide real examples.
● Share your wisdom, tips and tools.
● Show how to do something better or more efficiently.
● Solve a problem.

Make sure your freebie has no strings attached.
● If you offer a free consultation, make sure this aids your prospective client instead of being a sales pitch.
● In addition to the consultation, offer a gift that will benefit the client’s business:
          audio CD
          introductory offer
          special report
          top ten list of cool tools.

Choose permission-based marketing.
● Ask permission before you add someone to your mailing list and always provide a way to opt-out. There are a variety of programs that will automatically do this for you.
● You can also personally ask permission at networking events, trade shows, and conferences.
● Donate a prize at an event and let people know they can enter your prize drawing by signing up for your mailing list.
● Give something of value in exchange for an e-mail address.

Be authentic instead of annoying.
Build relationships with people knowing that any one of them could be a future friend or customer.


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