More DIY marketing for Entrepreneurs Do It Yourself Marketing Month

Here are additional tips to help you make the most of Entrepreneurs “Do It Yourself” Marketing Month:

Be quotable.
Make your contributions to online and in-print media informative and interesting.
Reflect on current events, headlines, or local news.
Leave insightful comments on forums and other people’s blogs.
Help a reporter with information about your area of expertise.
Answer questions from your unique perspective.

Provide a prize for a trade show or networking event that brands your company.
Publicize both the prize and the winners.

Build your own e-mail list; don’t buy one.
Encourage people to opt-in with a freebie, discount, giveaway, or prize.
Be clear that you NEVER rent, sell, barter, or share your list.
Participate in a joint venture to increase subscribers.

Make a donation to charity whenever you get a new customer.
Include this information on your Web site, in your press releases, and when “your” charity is hosting a celebration.

Make navigation easy on your Web site, in your blog, and in your Twitter tweets.
Cut down on the number of clicks required to take action.
Make it simple for prospective clients to get what they want.

Be kind to gatekeepers.
Be remembered as someone who cares about others, not as someone who is only interested in the powerful, highly paid people at the top.

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