Entrepreneurs Do It Yourself Marketing Month

Are you just starting out in business or do you need to stretch your marketing dollars? Here are some DIY marketing tips in celebration of Entrepreneurs “Do It Yourself” Marketing Month.

Give people a reason to trust you.
Do what you promise.
Offer a guarantee.
Be specific and up front about your policies, procedures, and affiliate marketing.
Make your privacy and security policy available.
Never share, sell, rent, or barter your mailing list.
Don’t hide your affiliate marketing behind tiny URLs and expect people to trust you.

Boost your credibility and your business.
Include degrees, certifications, awards, honors, memberships, and press information on your Web site and in your promotional material.

Be a giver.
Do random acts of kindness and community service.
Make charitable donations.
Offer information and help.
Give a free consultation, article, report, or tutorial to those who visit your Web site or sign up for your newsletter.

Keep in touch.
Call or e-mail after networking events, presentations, and interviews.
Send a card for special occasions and holidays.
Say thanks when someone makes a purchase or gives you a recommendation.
Follow up if you haven’t heard from someone for a long time.

Ask for testimonials.
A simple “Would you be willing to write a few words about how our company met your needs and let us post your testimonial on our Web site?” works.

Celebrate Entrepreneurs DIY Marketing Month with free daily tips, too.


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