Creative beginnings

I love birthdays! While I am partial to my own birthday, I also love celebrating the gift of life with new parents, small children, my family, and those who still give thanks for another year. A card, a phone call, a lunch together, or a gift all say, “I’m thinking of you. You are special.” And doesn’t everyone enjoy knowing how much they are loved and appreciated?

Why stop with birthdays? Each new day is an opportunity to show you care. Call or send a card just because you are thinking of someone. Acknowledge a business anniversary. Celebrate a promotion. Say “you’re in my thoughts and prayers at this difficult time” and really mean what you say. Give of your time or your talents. Express thanks.

May 2009 is Creative Beginnings Month. Like a birthday or the start of a new calendar year, it’s an opportunity to look ahead. How will you start (or continue) showing appreciation for others?


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