Create your Twitter landing page

Can you really tell a complete stranger (a prospective Twitter follower) how wonderful you are in just 160 characters? Some people certainly pique my interest with terrific tweets and fabulous photographs used as background images on their home pages. Others do not fare as well at first glance. You can do better.


Create a Twitter landing page and insert its URL into your Twitter profile instead of a URL for a sales page, Web site, or blog. Use this page to

·         Be honest about why you are using Twitter. (Let others decide if they want to hear about your products, politics, or religion.)

·         Tell about your interests and what you like to tweet about.

·         Encourage conversation by letting people know when you are most likely to be on Twitter.

·         Build trust by showing the world you are a real person and not a spammer or a bot.

·         Share your ideas about following those who follow you.

·         Add anything else you desire that reflects your personality, your favorite causes, your business, YOU.


Here is my Twitter landing page example. What will you do for your Twitter landing page?


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