Pollen count

I really hope you or someone you love doesn’t need today’s tool. However, this tool is for you if:
• your eyes are so red they no longer match the color listed on your driver’s license
• your nose resembles a faucet with no shut-off valve and you wish you had stock in the Kleenex corporation
• your head could empathize with a kettle drum
• your coughing woke your significant other
• your skin itches so much you wish you could discard it like a snake
• you have to decide between sitting outside, enjoying the spring sunshine and flowers, and breathing.

I hope you choose the breathing option and then consult Pollen.com before planning your day. They provide pollen count information for your area along with weather forecasts provided by the NOAA (because weather affects allergies, too). You can sign up for allergy alerts, check pollen history to determine if the cough you’ve had for a week is allergy-related or something more serious, and download a PollenWidget.

I hope you feel better soon.


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