ABCs of business

My ABCs of business include

Add value

Be positive


Demonstrate integrity


Forge relationships


Have faith

Invest in your business and yourself

Jump at opportunities that appeal to you

Keep it simple

Listen more than you speak

Mentor others

Never return evil for evil

Operate in the black

Plan ahead

Quit spending time on non-edifying activities

Relax and have fun—love what you do

Spend time on what matters most to you

Trust your instincts

Understand others and yourself

Value people more than money

Widen your horizons

Xpect the best from others

Yield to the wisdom of others when you don’t know

Zealously do what is right


What is on your list?


One Response to ABCs of business

  1. Fun! Here are a few (picking up from where you left on Twitter):

    ELICIT goals. FIND out more. GIVE your best. HONOR your word.

    (For D, I think a good one also is “DON’T be flaky.”

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