National Pi Day

It’s official. By an act of Congress, March 14 (3.14) is National Pi Day. What are you going to do to celebrate?


·         Have donuts, pancakes, or cookies for breakfast. Round things are even better when you remember that pi is a math term describing a circle’s circumference compared to its diameter.

·         Go for a 3.14 mile walk (to work off breakfast) and look for pine trees.

·         Invite friends over for a potluck dinner of round foods or foods cut in round shapes.

·         Enjoy some pineapple, pizza, and pies of all kinds (apple, berry, cream, peach, pecan, pumpkin, even moon pies).

·         Have a pie eating contest.

·         Rearrange your furniture in a circle and play games. Play circle games like Duck Duck Goose.

·         Test your memory and see just how many decimal places of pi you remember.


One Response to National Pi Day

  1. jorel314 says:

    Here’s an ascii image of pi using the first 333 digits that I created specifically for pi day…

    Happy Pi Day!

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