Organize your home office

It’s Organize Your Home Office Day according to Chase’s Calendar of Events 2009. This is the plan of action I would suggest.

Clear off your desk but leave the essentials: computer, pens, something that brings a smile to your face (a picture? chocolate? music?) and sticky notes. Find a new home for everything else. Put it all in a big box if you have to. If a year goes by without a need for the items in the box, please take the box and its contents out to the trash.

Next, rearrange the furniture. Position your desk at a 90 degree angle to your windows to reduce glare on your computer screen which causes eye strain. Establish a clear work flow by creating project areas. Put related items in close proximity: paper near the copier, current client folders in a file cabinet under your desk, shipping supplies near your fulfillment center, etc. Place the items you use often within easy reach.

Add some personality. I love to use color to organize my work visually with file folders, sticky notes, binders, and Outlook category colors. The comfortable chair with a view of the pond is also essential for my writing spot. You may choose to file everything away in cabinets or bookcases or decide to keep piles of paper within easy reach according to your own personal system. Make your home office a place where you enjoy spending time.

Don’t forget your wall real estate. Add bulletin boards, planners, white boards, calendars, memo boards, and cork boards to capture what is important to you. Slip important scraps of paper into an acrylic frame until you can deal with them, making sure they are not out of sight and out of mind. You can use a glass-topped desk for the same purpose.

Use the over-and-under organizational principle to cut down on clutter. Store seldom-used items under desks or tables, over cabinets or bookcases, under the stairs, up in the attic. Sit back and enjoy the rest of Organize Your Home Office Day.

What organizational tips work best for you?

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