The snowy day list

Is a snowy day a welcome interruption or an unwelcome disruption to your routine?


Besides spending unexpected time with family, here are some of the things I appreciate about a snowy day:

·         the hush before snowplows and cars get on the roads

·         the laughter of children granted a reprieve from school

·         the dull gray of winter blanketed in pristine white

·         the breathtaking beauty of glistening snow when the sun finally comes out.


I also appreciate The List—those special activities that are best on a snowy day like cross-country skiing, sharing hot chocolate and fresh-baked cookies, curling up with a good book. By knowing what I want to do, I can be prepared to make the most of the time I have. Surprisingly, a list can also be a day-brightener when one is stranded in an airport due to weather-related cancellations.

·         Carry a list of people or places you would need to call about a change in plans.

·         Keep a reading list and actually read.

·         Start a list of article, blog, e-zine, press release, social media, or tutorial topics you would like to create.

·         List all the reasons you have to be thankful.


What is on your list to help you make the most of a new day?


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