Build a better [trade show] image

Build A Better Trade Show Image Week starts February 15 according to Chase’s Calendar of Events 2009. At first glance, you may think this has nothing to do with you. You might be surprised.


Trade show exhibitors are encouraged to appeal to visitors’ senses with things like visually-pleasing graphics, soothing sounds, enticing smells, touchable product, or tasty samples. While all of these are important, what about creating a feeling of being welcome, included, and important? In a trade show exhibit, you do this by inviting visitors into your space. You inquire about their interests. You identify with their problems and concerns in a small way, preferably before you launch your sales pitch.


It’s no different when meeting someone for the first time. Do an online search on “seconds to make a first impression” and you will discover a very narrow window of opportunity—anywhere from one tenth of a second to fifteen seconds. That’s enough time to offer a smile and a greeting of welcome, to draw someone into your conversation and make them feel included, or to shift the focus off of yourself to make someone else feel important.


How will you build a better [trade show] image for yourself?


One Response to Build a better [trade show] image

  1. exhibitadvice says:

    So true! The design of the booth will enforce the company’s cred, but the people that man your booth are so important to how the public perceives your group. Asking questions, and not just pitching a sale, is key. And the questions need to be geared to learn more about the individual, not just ‘how are you?’

    I think it’s also important to dress professionally (as a team) and have a solid objective, understood by everyone in your group, going into the trade show.

    Great post!

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