National Wear Red Day

Tomorrow is National Wear Red Day, part of the American Heart Association’s campaign to increase our awareness of heart disease, particularly in women.

Please familiarize yourself with the signs and risks before it’s too late for someone you love. (I learned this from the doctor after my mother’s fatal stroke.)


Know the signs of a stroke:

·         Trouble speaking

·         Sudden confusion and trouble understanding

·         Dizziness

·         Difficulty walking or loss of coordination

·         Severe headache that comes on suddenly with no apparent cause


Know the symptoms of a heart attack:

·         Chest pain, pressure, or a burning sensation, usually in the center of the chest

·         Shortness of breath (especially in women)

·         Pain or discomfort  in the back, jaw (especially in women), neck, arms, or stomach

·         Nausea or vomiting (especially in women), lightheadedness, and cold sweats


Know what to do:

·         Don’t wait—call 9-1-1

·         If you must drive someone to the hospital (which may result in slower treatment than arriving by ambulance), give the patient an uncoated aspirin first


Know what you can do to lower your risk factors:

·         Don’t smoke or stop smoking now

·         Exercise or be more active

·         Lose weight if you are overweight

·         Lower high cholesterol level with diet, exercise, and/or medication

·         Lower high blood pressure with a low-sodium diet and/or medication

·         Carefully monitor your health, especially if you have a family history of heart disease or diabetes

·         Know that age is a factor



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