It’s National Compliment Day (Chase’s Calendar of Events 2009), and I thank you in advance for the compliment you give me just by reading this blog.


Think back to compliments you have received. The sincere ones are often a great encouragement.  Being complimented on a job well done, on exceptional character qualities, and on making wise choices in difficult situations inspires similar behavior in the future. A compliment may also soften the blow of bad news or comments on less-worthy behavior.


The less-than-sincere compliment is edifying in its own way—you get a moment to discern the mood, motives, or character of the giver. You also don’t have to say anything, giving you an opportunity to demonstrate your wisdom. In hindsight, these can also be extremely funny.


A last thought on compliments (it’s the proofreader in me): you can remember to spell this compliment with an I because it means I think highly of you. Notice the vowels. Complement, meaning to complete, uses the vowel E.


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