Determine the exact online color with Pixie

I love color in all its many forms—crayons, pastels, acrylic and oil paints, colored pens and pencils. Sticky notes, stationery, and greeting cards. Art, jewelry, clothing. Nature, sunbeams, rainbows, flowers, fresh food. Outlook categories (but that’s another blog).


Pixie goes on my list, too. This handy tool tells you the color value of the spot where your pointer (the arrow on your computer screen) is hovering. When a client sees an online color they just have to have on their Web site or printed material, this is how you get it in CMYK, hexadecimal, HTML, HSV, and RGB. Discover your favorite color for free.


2 Responses to Determine the exact online color with Pixie

  1. Glen Woodfin says:

    What a great suggestion for graphic artists…online color analysis on the fly!


  2. Rachael S. says:

    Thank you for the helpful information. I bookmarked your site, and I hope you keep up the good work on making your blog a success!

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