National Mentoring Month

I admit it—I love to learn. This is probably a direct result of being blessed with a number of memorable mentors and teachers including

  • Mrs. Esther Lewis who enriched young lives both inside and outside the classroom and instilled character qualities like graciousness and hospitality
  • Mrs. Basham who offered much-needed praise and modeled the art of encouragement
  • Mr. Michael Hamp and Mr. Conrad Guthrie who made learning a treasure hunt and inspired me to do the impossible
  • Mrs. Betty Barber who shared her faith and explained what matters eternally.

I am so thankful for their positive and enduring contributions to my life. I have tried to pass their lessons on.


By Presidential Proclamation, January 2009 is National Mentoring Month. Use the tools provided by the Harvard School of Public Health to share your testimony of a mentor/mentored relationship, send your thanks, or pass on the guidance and encouragement you received. What is your mentoring story?



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