National Clean Off Your Desk Day

Today is National Clean Off Your Desk Day according to Chase’s Calendar of Events 2009.


Here are a few of the more creative desk-clearing solutions I have found over the years:

·         Turn on a large fan and aim it at your desk (opening the windows on a windy day works, too)

·         Put everything in a large box—you get to choose whether to store the box in your attic, the basement, a closet, or a more prominent place

·         Circular file everything—if it is really important, someone will contact you again

·         Let your pets or your children loose in your home office

·         Make wild promises to get your best friend or a family member (one who is not a pack rat) to do the job


There are also a number of serious solutions to the problem of desktop clutter. Ask friends and associates for their favorites. Browse your office supply superstore for ideas. Recycle or repurpose items around your home.


For years, I have controlled the pile of incoming and outgoing mail, bills, catalogs, magazines, newspapers, school notices and permission slips, etc. with an old-fashioned sheet music stand, successfully keeping it all off of my desk. A recycled kitchen cabinet holds my office supplies.


Make creative use of your wall space to organize information. Try white boards (or blackboard paint applied directly to your wall if you prefer the smell of chalk to white board markers). Add hanging file folder holders, French memo boards, wall calendars, and cork board with push pins. Dangle wire or ribbon from the ceiling and use hooks or clothespins at the ends to capture items you don’t want out of sight or out of mind. Use acrylic picture frames for the same purpose.


For those who prefer to keep their walls (as well as their desks) uncluttered, try on-line banking and bill payment. Scan business cards and tax receipts into your computer. Enter as much information and paperwork as possible into electronic files in order to eliminate some of the paper clutter.


What is your favorite way to clean off your desk?


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