Cookie baking tradition

One of my favorite holiday traditions—spending time with the people I love—has evolved over the years. We’ve gone from huge family gatherings to smaller family get-togethers and inviting our children’s friends and family. Fun, food, and fellowship remain a constant while the lines between the “working” and “watching TV” groups have blurred so almost everyone has a hand in meal preparation or clean up as well as relaxation.

We’ve added the annual Christmas cookie bake on a Saturday in December. Everyone brings their favorite recipes, tools, and ingredients to the home with the biggest kitchen. We spend the day visiting, mixing, baking, sampling, washing dishes, and dividing up the goodies. Time flies, we have fun, and we accomplish so much because we have chosen to work together instead of separately, to produce in bulk instead of small batches, and to share our secrets instead of going it alone—a true recipe for success.

What are your time-saving holiday traditions?


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